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Our webinars provide a simple, online learning platform which brings together leading transport professionals who present the latest industry developments and trends. Each hour long webinar contains a live Q&A session, providing you the chance to join the discussion and have your queries answered by the experts. What’s more, our webinars are completely free to watch – all you require is a computer and a set of speakers / headphones. If you can’t watch the webinar live, they will be available to watch on-demand at your own convenience. 


LoRa wireless connectivity helps operators in transportation

Watch live: 29 June 2017 at 15:00 BST

Improving passenger experience and predicting operational issues in vehicles with sensors are major goals for transportation operators...

Internet of Trains 2.0 – Getting more return from your rail assets

Available to watch on-demand

This webinar discussed how rail operators and maintainers can use data to improve their businesses and generate more return from their assets...

Internet of Trains – How digitisation creates new value opportunities

Available to watch on-demand

Digitisation has reached the world of trains in tremendous speed. Trains are generating large volumes of data and this webinar describes how rail operators and maintainers can use such data to improve their businesses and generate more value from their assets...

IoT solutions enable the power of data-driven transportation

Available to watch on-demand

Making informed IoT enabled transportation decisions regarding the implementation, evolution, and integration of rail solutions, so municipalities can take advantage of the power of data-driven transportation. In this webinar, experts at Kontron address these tough issues to ensure your solution is application-ready saving yourself time and money...

Webinar: Multi applications & the future of transport ticketing

Available to watch on-demand

In this webinar, Infineon, accompanied by Deutsche Telekom, identify the major trends & challenges ahead for transport ticketing technology, demonstrating the need for truly open standards...

Webinar: Integrating a new transport ticketing system with a Smart City

Available to watch on-demand

In this webinar we discuss transport ticketing smart cards, smart city smart cards, mobile NFC devices and software development kits...