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Vincenzo Soprano - Articles and news items

Building on success: the liberalised and competitive Italian railway market

Issue 4 2012 / 1 August 2012 /

The European railway industry has radically changed over recent years following the introduction of high speed networks which have revolutionised society. Italy was the first country in Europe to launch the railway market liberalisation process by opening up to competitors. In just a few years, the economy of the sector was transformed, offering new economic and competitive opportunities to key operators. More recently, Italy opened up high-speed services to private competitors, despite the current economic crisis.

This was a historical change, one which Trenitalia prepared for with great care, working hard to address the situation and to offer its customers the best solutions.

The Freccia system (Frecciarossa, Frecciargento and Frecciabianco): The current competitive situation presents a strong challenge for improvement. Competition for Trenitalia is a positive factor for both customers and the market in general. In the high-speed sector, for example, the Frecciarossa fleet has recently been renewed with the introduction of four new service levels (L4) which have completely revolutionised the traditional two-class system. Comfort and customised services are now part of the winning formula. Travel safety, frequency and an articulated range of constant flexible and affordable prices must certainly not be underestimated.

Successfully overcoming organisational and operational challenges

Issue 4 2008, Past issues / 1 August 2008 /

Vincenzo Soprano is Chief Executive Officer of Trenitalia – the Italian Railway Transport company, and wholly owned subsidiary of Ferrovie dello Stato SpA since September 2006. Speaking for European Railway Review, Mr. Soprano describes the situation of Trenitalia and general railway transport in Italy.