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Turnouts - Articles and news items

European mixed traffic: High-tech solutions to optimise performance and LCC

Issue 6 2015 / 9 December 2015 /

In an interview with Craig Waters, Editor of European Railway Review, Dieter Fritz, Chief Executive Officer of voestalpine VAE GmbH and Frederick Kübler, Chief Sales Officer of voestalpine Schienen GmbH, discuss the customer-beneficial synergies between the group’s rail and turnout businesses, plus their future expectations with regard to European market developments.

Predicting the future for switches and crossings

Issue 5 2010 / 17 September 2010 /

Maintaining and renewing the thousands of switches and crossings (or ‘S&C’ and also known as railway points and/or turnouts) across Britain’s rail network is an expensive business, costing hundreds of millions of pounds every year. Gaining a better understanding of the dynamic forces that occur when a train passes over a set of points is key to improving their maintenance and reliability, helping to reduce operating costs and disruption.

Bedding optimisation in turnouts

Issue 6 2007, Past issues / 26 November 2007 /

Geometrical discontinuities along turnouts can lead to strong localised variations of superstructure loads. By using Under Sleeper Pads (USP) with varying stiffness, the bedding conditions can be optimised and as a result the turnout area can be smoothed out. Modern railway tracks need to be able to bear the loads from rail vehicles via the rails, rail seats and sleepers as evenly as possible and distribute such to the track superstructure and subgrade. By distributing these loads sufficiently, stresses on the superstructure elements can be kept as low as possible, helping to minimise maintenance expenses and thus increase the operating life of the track system.

ProRail’s management of tracks and turnouts

Issue 4 2007, Past issues / 30 July 2007 /

ProRail manages an installed base which has an estimated replacement value of more than €30 billion. Tracks and turnouts are a significant part of the pie, amounting to more than €8 billion. Moreover, they consume more than 50% of total maintenance costs and 75% of renewal costs due to their usage-based, relatively rapid deterioration pattern […]

Innovations in turnout technology

Issue 6 2006, Past issues / 28 November 2006 /

At InnoTrans 2006 in Berlin, Vossloh Cogifer SA, a subsidiary of the Vossloh Group, pre-sented not one, but two innovations in turnout technology primarily for high-speed turnouts. These are, on the one hand, a totally new turnout system for slab tracks, and, on the other, a turnout drive system with fully integrated components.