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Security - Articles and news items

France enhances its railway security with the new GSM-R communication system

Rail industry news / 6 June 2017 /

France’s national state-owned railway company SNCF enhances railway security with the new GSM-R communication system.

Automated Border Control now at St Pancras

Rail industry news / 16 February 2017 /

State-of-the-art Automated Border Control (ABC) equipment has now been deployed at St Pancras International Station. This will not only make the immigration procedure smoother and quicker for passengers, but it will also increase security at the border.

Eurotunnel opens Security Control Centre

Rail industry news / 27 January 2017 /

On the 18 January 2017 Eurotunnel opened a new Security Control Centre at its French Terminal in Coquelles.

Transport sector needs to increase its focus on cyber-security says report

Rail industry news / 28 November 2016 /

According to a report published by Transport Systems Catapult (TSC), the UK Transport sector needs to increase its focus on cyber-security in the face of rapidly emerging technological developments.

Railways: an essential player in Europe’s security challenge

Issue 6 2016 / 23 November 2016 /

In this article for European Railway Review CER’s Libor Lochman (Executive Director) and Alena Havlova (Security Adviser) state what’s needed in order to tackle terrorism and other security-related risks within the European railway industry. Read their justification for why Member States, EU institutions and the private sector must get more involved, work more closely together and play an active role to ensure the continuity of railway services on which European citizens depend.

National Rail Security campaign launches at major UK railway stations

Rail industry news / 1 November 2016 /

A National Rail Security campaign has launched at major nationwide railway stations to encourage passengers and station visitors to report unusual items or activity.

What are the implications of satellite-guided digital rail networks?

Railway Extra, Z Homepage promo / 15 September 2016 /

Nigel Davies, Head of QinetiQ’s Secured Navigation group, explores the potential risks and benefits of the increasing use of satellite signals in rail networks.

Railway cyber security

Railway Extra, Z Homepage promo / 2 August 2016 /

For my next blog on European Railway Review I have chosen a very topical subject to share with you, security but perhaps not in the vein you might expect…

IoT solutions enable the power of data-driven transportation

Webinars, Z Homepage promo / 25 May 2016 /

Available to watch on-demand

Making informed IoT enabled transportation decisions regarding the implementation, evolution, and integration of rail solutions, so municipalities can take advantage of the power of data-driven transportation. In this webinar, experts at Kontron address these tough issues to ensure your solution is application-ready saving yourself time and money…

Rail Safety & Security supplement

Issue 1 2016, Supplements / 4 February 2016 /

We take a look at concerns with metal theft for the rail industry, what RSSB is proactively doing to improve safety on the UK’s railways, and Chris Carr from ERA reflects on rail safety performance data for 2014 at a European level, plus he examines how the industry should work together to address future challenges and create an encouraging safety culture…

Dutch operator equips railway staff with body cameras

Rail industry news / 13 October 2015 /

In a trial lasting 6 months, Dutch operator NS will equip railway staff with CCTV body cameras in a measure against aggressive behaviour.

Rail Safety & Security supplement

Issue 1 2015, Supplements / 13 February 2015 /

In our latest Safety & Security Supplement, Martyn Guiver, Head of Crime Management at Northern Rail provides details about how the UK operator approached increasing its CCTV network and operations, plus we look at the SECRET project at how to assess the risks and consequences of EM attacks on rail infrastructure…

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