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Satellite Systems - Articles and news items

FBSIC – an innovative tool based on GIS technology

Issue 5 2012 / 19 September 2012 /

Railway infrastructure managers and operators are huge property owners, managing important railway facility and infrastructure territories. Due to the historical background of the railway industry, valuable real estate assets can be found, and there are certain regulations concerned with urban and suburban environments associated with railway lines, stations, logistic terminals and interfaces, yards and workshops, etc.

The duty of railways to ensure compliance with requirements associated to urban/regional planning of territories, and the need to make adjustments in order to adapt to changing mobility conditions and transport markets (passengers and freight), has historically forced railway companies to introduce functional and topological changes that often disregarded the economic optimisation of property use.

There are many ways to implement real estate/leasing initiatives that can turn into signifi – cant money-making opportunities for the core business of railway entities, while contributing to increasing the transportation market.

Precision satellite navigation will enable rail link construction

Rail industry news / 22 February 2010 /

AXIO-NET wins major contract to enable the construction of a rail link between Germany and Denmark.