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Richard Price - Articles and news items

Regulator reports on Network Rail’s performance between 2009 and 2014

Rail industry news / 7 July 2014 /

The Office of Rail Regulation has concluded its assessment of Network Rail’s performance against funded obligations between 2009 and 2014…

Britain’s railways between 2014 and 2019 – ORR’s final determination

Rail industry news / 31 October 2013 /

Passengers are at the heart of final plans for Britain’s railways over the next five years…

ORR sets out future of rail regulation

Rail industry news / 15 July 2013 /

The Office of Rail Regulation (ORR) has published its ‘Long-Term Regulatory Statement’…

Regulator identifies £2bn savings for Britain’s railway from 2014 to 2019

Rail industry news / 12 June 2013 /

ORR has announced that over £2 billion savings have been identified in plans…

ORR to undertake rigorous assessment of Network Rail’s plan for Britain’s railways

Rail industry news / 8 January 2013 /

The ORR will undertake a rigorous assessment of Network Rail’s plan for the railways…

Rail companies make positive steps to improve passenger information

Rail industry news / 14 December 2012 /

The rail industry is undertaking positive work to provide better passenger information…

ORR appoints Alan Price as Director of Railway Performance

Rail industry news / 14 November 2012 /

The Office of Rail Regulation announced that Alan Price has been appointed as its Director of Railway Performance…

Network Rail on target for efficiency savings, rail regulator reports

Rail industry news / 8 November 2012 /

Network Rail has achieved efficiencies of £775m over the past three years…

The vital need for the rail industry to get it right

Issue 6 2011 / 6 December 2011 /

A recently published figure by the Association of Train Operating Companies provides, I think, one of the best and most revealing snapshots of the railways today. Between 26 June and 17 September 2011, 314.3 million passenger journeys took place on Great Britain’s railways – up 5.3% from the same period in 2010. It is a huge number which highlights not only the importance, and necessity, of train travel to millions of people, but also emphasises how vital it is for the rail industry to get it right, and to meet all of the challenges ahead to ensure future success.

Since joining the Office of Rail Regulation (ORR) as Chief Executive in May 2011, I have frequently spoken about the many challenges, yet great opportunities, ahead for the rail sector. As the rail industry is a long-term business, the decisions taken now, and the aims and objectives set, will affect the capacity and structures of the railways for decades to come. With the demand for train travel rising in a sustained way for the first time in generations, the whole rail industry, together, must make crucial decisions which will inform the direction of travel for the railways now and in the future.

It is vital that the industry demonstrates that it is capable of meeting the challenges ahead to ensure that our railways remain one of the top performing in the world.

Richard Price named as ORR’s new Chief Executive

Rail industry news / 30 March 2011 /

The Office of Rail Regulation today announced that Richard Price is to be its next Chief Executive, succeeding Bill Emery who steps down in June…