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RHK - Articles and news items

Helsinki-Vantaa Airport to receive railway link

Issue 3 2007, Past issues / 6 June 2007 /

The planning of Finland’s first airport line is well under way and construction is scheduled to begin in 2008 on the outskirts of Helsinki. A working group has recommended that the line will be constructed with normal state budget funds. The project is expected to cost approximately €420 million (at the May 2006 cost level). The 18km line in Vantaa will offer a rail link to the Helsinki-Vantaa airport, plus making it possible to build new residential areas and workplaces along good traffic connections.

A direct approach to a direct line

Issue 3 2006, Past issues / 31 May 2006 /

The major Finnish railway direct line project from Kerava to Lahti will be completed on 3 September 2006.The direct line is the most important railway project in Finland for over two decades and new technical solutions have been introduced with the guidance of the Finnish Rail Administration (RHK),who is responsible for the project.