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Rail Safety and Standards Board (RSSB) - Articles and news items

Making railways safer with big data and smarter technology

Rail industry news / 21 March 2017 /

According to the rail industry’s independent safety body, Rail Safety and Standards Board (RSSB), state-of-the-art risk monitoring technology could soon be used to pinpoint faster, targeted improvements to safety and reliability on Britain’s railways at the push of a button.

RSSB to develop Rule Book app for rail staff

Rail industry news / 13 September 2016 /

The RSSB will be leading a programme to modernise rail safety guidance in the form of a Rule Book app for staff.

Key Train Requirements updated to aid design of new trains

Rail industry news / 10 August 2016 /

The UK rail industry has endorsed the latest edition of Key Train Requirements published by the RSSB which aim to help rolling stock procurers, manufacturers and system suppliers in the design of new trains.

Level crossing deaths drop to lowest level in 20 years

Rail industry news / 13 July 2016 /

Level crossing deaths in Britain are at their lowest recorded level for almost a generation says the industry’s independent safety body RSSB.

Visibility of trains – what’s changing?

Railway Extra, Z Homepage promo / 17 March 2016 /

In an article for European Railway Review, the Rail Safety and Standards Board (RSSB) discusses recent changes to standards for rail vehicles ensuring trains are sufficiently audible and visible on Britain’s railways…

Improving station safety & reducing incidents on platforms

Railway Extra / 11 February 2016 /

The Rail Safety and Standards Board (RSSB) speaks to European Railway Review about the launch of a new guide aimed at improving station safety and reducing platform-related accidents…

Rail Safety & Security supplement

Issue 1 2016, Supplements / 4 February 2016 /

We take a look at concerns with metal theft for the rail industry, what RSSB is proactively doing to improve safety on the UK’s railways, and Chris Carr from ERA reflects on rail safety performance data for 2014 at a European level, plus he examines how the industry should work together to address future challenges and create an encouraging safety culture…

RSSB figures reveal record eighth year without train accident fatalities

Rail industry news / 21 July 2015 /

Latest Rail Safety and Standards Board (RSSB) figures reveal 2014/15 was the eighth consecutive year without passenger or workforce fatalities in a train accident on British railways.  

Minding the gap – platform safety to improve as rail industry launches collaborative strategy

Rail industry news / 12 February 2015 /

Over the past five years rail passengers have stepped on and off trains more than 15 billion times…

Great Britain’s Rail Safety Performance and Trends in 2013/14

Rail industry news / 2 July 2014 /

RSSB has published the Annual Safety Performance Report reviewing the rail industry’s safety performance over the financial year 2013/14…

HS2 Ltd joins rail industry body RSSB

Rail industry news / 9 April 2014 /

Safety is paramount on the railways and the new north-south high speed rail network will very much build on the industry’s best practice…

Risk at level crossings – an RSSB overview

Rail industry news / 7 March 2014 /

Following publication of the Transport Committee’s ‘Safety at level crossings’ report, RSSB has collated and issued some safety performance data, to help understanding of the nature of the risk…

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