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Rail Investment - Articles and news items

Iowa rail infrastructure to receive $68 million in investments

Rail industry news / 13 June 2017 /

Union Pacific is boosting safety and efficiency with an approximately $68 million infrastructure investment in Iowa in 2017.

New Zealand government announces a $548 million investment for rail

Rail industry news / 5 June 2017 /

The New Zealand government has announced it will be investing $548 million in the country’s rail network in its 2017 budget.

The Toronto-Windsor Corridor is set for high-speed rail

Rail industry news / 26 May 2017 /

It has been announced that Ontario is moving forward with an ambitious high-speed rail project along the Toronto-Windsor corridor.

Australian government to invest $20 billion in rail

Rail industry news / 11 May 2017 /

The federal executive government of Australia is investing $20 billion in rail to cut congestion and create thousands of new jobs.

Union Pacific plans to invest $57 million in its Kansas rail infrastructure

Rail industry news / 11 May 2017 /

Union Pacific is boosting safety and efficiency with an approximately $57 million infrastructure investment in Kansas this year.

A direct train service to London is now available to Cottingham residents for the first time

Rail industry news / 14 April 2017 /

Residents of Cottingham can get to London faster thanks to the very first direct line to London introduced via Hull Trains.

How the rail industry is supporting south London, Surrey and Berkshire

Rail industry news / 29 March 2017 /

The rail industry, including Network Rail and South West Trains, has invested over £50 billion in Britain’s rail industry and new figures show the extent to which this investment has supported south London, Surrey and Berkshire.

Rail infrastructure strategy report sets out vision to support Scotland’s economy

Rail industry news / 2 February 2017 /

A new rail infrastructure strategy report published by the Rail Delivery Group gives advice on how the railway can help grow Scotland’s economy and support its communities.

Prime Minister supports campaign to deliver £1bn rail improvements across North Wales & Cheshire

Rail industry news / 17 January 2017 /

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has backed the Growth Track 360 campaign to secure £1 billion of rail improvements for North Wales and Cheshire.

Professor Peter Hansford to chair competition and contestability review

Rail industry news / 8 December 2016 /

Professor Peter Hansford is to chair an independent review into all barriers that prevent alternative project delivery models.

‘Significant additional funding’ for transport confirmed in Autumn Statement

Rail industry news / 24 November 2016 /

On 23 November, Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond pledged ‘Significant additional funding’ for transport networks in his Autumn Statement to Parliament.

Northern Programmes: plans unveiled to transform rail travel in north of England

Rail industry news / 14 November 2016 /

Network Rail, has announced a number of investment projects designed to transform rail travel in the north of England as part of the Northern Programmes.