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Rail Freight Corridor 2 - Articles and news items

Rail Freight Corridor North Sea – Baltic begins operation

Rail industry news / 6 November 2015 /

The first phase of the Rail Freight Corridor North Sea – Baltic launched on 10 November 2015 boosting the rail freight between North Sea ports and Poland.

Rail Freight Corridor 2 is launched

Rail industry news / 13 November 2013 /

This corridor is one of the main railway routes and one of the most promising rail corridor in Europe…

The innovative rail freight corridors are coming to life

Issue 5 2013 / 26 September 2013 /

By 10 November 2013, six of the nine rail freight corridors initially foreseen by the EU Regulation 913/2010 concerning a European network for competitive freight will become operational. Rail Freight Corridor 2 (RFC2) is one of them. These corridors are extremely ambitious and will lead to major changes for international rail freight.
Capacity allocation

The first major change concerns capacity allocation. From November 2013, corridors will offer capacity shaped according to international rail freight market demand. This capacity will take the form of ‘off the shelf’ paths, reserved for international freight and that can either be requested for the next annual timetable or, for more flexibility, at short-term notice.

The infrastructure managers (IMs) and allocation bodies (ABs) of RFC2 have just finalised a major transport market study which has enabled the assessment of customer needs. They are now working closely together to offer applicants a sufficient number of high quality paths with seamless border crossings.