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Rail Delivery Group - Articles and news items

Britain’s rail companies plan to run more trains, to more places, more often

Rail industry news / 20 March 2017 /

Britain’s rail companies have unveiled plans to run over 6,400 more passenger trains every week by 2021, running to more places more often, creating new opportunities and supporting jobs.

Lessons of liberalisation: How do Britain’s railways really compare with others in Europe?

Issue 2 2017 / 19 March 2017 /

Elizabeth de Jong, Director of Policy at the Rail Delivery Group (RDG), shares the realities of the UK’s railway performance – and it’s better than you’d think. In Europe the narrative of liberalisation of the railways is often that it increases costs and reduces levels of performance. However, this narrative is not reflected in the […]

Industry experts forecast fastest train fleet growth for decades

Rail industry news / 10 March 2017 /

In response to rising passenger demand and opportunities offered by new technology, rail industry leaders have forecast that thousands of new, state of the art trains will be rolling off production lines over the next three decades.

Demand for refund to passengers after research finds ticket machines are too confusing

Rail industry news / 10 February 2017 /

Recent research initiated by the Office of Road and Rail (ORR) has found that passengers buying train tickets from ticket machines often paid more than was necessary and some were even at risk of a penalty fare.

Bluetooth and biometric ticketing: industry sets out blueprint for Britain’s railway

Rail industry news / 7 February 2017 /

The rail industry has gathered today to set out a blueprint on how technology can address challenges facing Britain’s railway.

Rail infrastructure strategy report sets out vision to support Scotland’s economy

Rail industry news / 2 February 2017 /

A new rail infrastructure strategy report published by the Rail Delivery Group gives advice on how the railway can help grow Scotland’s economy and support its communities.

UK rail companies to trial major rail fare changes for clearer ticket choices

Rail industry news / 1 February 2017 /

An overhaul of rail fares is to be trailed by UK rail companies to provide passengers with clearer, simpler ticket choices.

UK rail fares to increase by 2.3% in 2017

Rail industry news / 2 December 2016 /

The rail industry has today announced that Britain’s train fares will rise by an average of 2.3% next year…

Railway must harness new technology says Rail Delivery Group report

Rail industry news / 21 November 2016 /

In a new report, the Rail Delivery Group sets out how it is essential for the railway to embrace new technology to address capacity challenges.

Rail passengers to benefit from improved rights on delay compensation

Rail industry news / 1 October 2016 /

From 01 October, rail passengers in the UK will benefit from improved rights on delay compensation following the introduction of the new National Rail Conditions of Travel which is in line with the Consumer Rights Act.

1.9 percent increase in regulated rail fares across England, Scotland & Wales

Rail industry news / 16 August 2016 /

Regulated rail fares will increase 1.9 percent across England, Scotland and Wales next year with the figure determined by July’s Retail Prices Index (RPI). The rail industry gives its reaction…

Rail investment vital to meet demand says industry leaders

Rail industry news / 9 May 2016 /

With the number of rail journeys in Britain rising to almost 1.7billion last year, industry leaders have highlighted the value of rail investment in order to meet demand.

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