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Péter Tóth - Articles and news items

Signalling & Telecommunications supplement (free to view)

Issue 1 2012, Supplements / 8 February 2012 /

Improved location of trains involved in safety critical scenarios (Davide Quatrini, Mauro Giaconi and Giuseppe Fazio, Faculty of Engineering, University of Rome ‘Tor Vergata’)
Eurotunnel is switching to digital and remains at the forefront of technology (Michel Boudoussier, Chief Operating Officer, Eurotunnel)

A history of electronic interlocking in Hungary (Péter Tóth, Signalling Expert, Hungarian State Railways, Telecom, Electrification and Signalling Technological Centre)

A long and ongoing story – ETCS in Hungary

Issue 1 2009, Past issues / 23 January 2009 /

Signalling expert Péter Tóth maps the development of ETCS in Hungary.