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Peter Cedervall - Articles and news items

Bombardier enters ERTMS Level 2 high speed rail control market in Spain

Rail industry news / 16 June 2014 /

Rail technology leader Bombardier Transportation has added a new European Rail Traffic Management System Level 2 high speed reference to its portfolio…

Bombardier acquires Australia’s Rail Signalling Services

Rail industry news / 1 May 2014 /

Rail technology leader Bombardier Transportation has purchased a 100% stake in the Australian signalling company Rail Signalling Services…

Bombardier strengthens presence in North American Rail Control sector

Rail industry news / 14 November 2013 /

Rail technology leader Bombardier Transportation is boosting passenger safety…

Bombardier wins further order for ERTMS technology in Poland

Rail industry news / 18 February 2013 /

Bombardier will deliver its INTERFLO 450 ERTMS Level 2 solution for the Legnica-Wroclaw-Opole section of Poland’s E30 line…

Bombardier wins further signalling contract in the Baltics

Rail industry news / 25 January 2013 /

Bombardier has won a contract for the construction & upgrade of the signalling & associated infrastructure systems…

Bombardier unveils new signalling solution for cost effective regional rail traffic management

Rail industry news / 19 April 2012 /

Bombardier has delivered the world’s first application of a ERTMS regional solution…

Bombardier grows its global ERTMS portfolio

Rail industry news / 16 January 2012 /

First operation of BOMBARDIER INTERFLO 250 ERTMS/ETCS Level 1 system in Croatia…

Bombardier boosts signalling operations in The Netherlands

Rail industry news / 24 November 2011 /

Bombardier set to enable the first mixed ERTMS Level 2 & conventional signalling operation, on one of the busiest lines in Europe…

Bombardier to deliver rail control equipment for Polish Railways

Rail industry news / 12 October 2011 /

Bombardier Transportation has signed a four-year agreement for the delivery of its rail traffic control equipment…

Bombardier delivers landmark technology for Sweden high speed line

Rail industry news / 27 August 2010 /

Bombardier will join Botniabanan AB tomorrow in celebrating the new high speed Botnia Line in Sweden.