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Pedro Fortea - Articles and news items

25 years of high-speed rail in Spain: a beacon of international reference

Issue 3 2017 / 10 May 2017 /

Pedro Fortea, Director of Mafex – the Spanish Railway Association, explains how Spain’s extensive experience and continued developments with high-speed rail make the country a worldwide reference model.

Strong commitment from the Spanish rail industry

Issue 5 2013 / 26 September 2013 /

As the result of a strong commitment to research and development, the Spanish rail industry has made available to the international market a modern fleet of rolling stock vehicles for all kinds of transportation for both passengers and goods, plus the offering of skilled train maintenance services as well as innovative track equipment solutions.

Railway transportation has experienced considerable development over recent years. Its great economic and environmental benefits have made it the best choice for improving connections, re-structuring territories, and contributing to sustainable mobility – for both freight and passengers.

The railway network evolution is closely linked to innovations and advances introduced by the industry in a number of fields such as infrastructure and superstructure, rolling stock and maintenance. All elements are essential in promoting the establishment of new connections and the modernisation of lines already in commercial operation.

The Spanish rail industry – pioneer in technological advances

Issue 5 2010 / 20 September 2010 /

Spanish rail companies represent a pioneering industry that has become one of the main reference points in many transport projects worldwide due to their expertise and highly developed technological advances.

The Spanish rail industry has experienced significant growth during recent years as a result of the technological advances developed by companies in the sector, the quality of its products and services, and the high qualification of its professionals.