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Noise & Vibrations - Articles and news items

Noise & Vibrations supplement 2016

Issue 6 2016, Supplements, Z Homepage promo / 23 November 2016 /

In this Noise & Vibrations supplement Marcin Wójcik discusses why rail noise needs to be addressed, Maria Price and Markus Vaerst assess retrofitting rail freight wagons, and Adrian Egger and Markus Heim cover quality control measurements after 30 years of operation…

Noise & Vibrations supplement

Issue 6 2015, Supplements / 9 December 2015 /

In our latest free-to-view Noise & Vibrations Supplement, Roll2Rail colleagues Adam Mirza and Eulalia Peris cover how the research project can lay the foundations for quieter railways, plus there’s a technical article about vibrational accelerated long life and shock tests on Eurotunnel’s pagoda structures…

Noise & Vibrations: Noise-Differentiated Track Access Charges

Issue 6 2014 / 3 December 2014 /

Railways have an almost negligible impact on climate and environment compared to other modes of transport. The only remaining environmental challenge for the European rail sector is noise – a side effect of railway operation. For European Railway Review, Libor Lochman, Executive Director of The Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies (CER) and colleagues Ethem Pekin (Environment Economist) and Enno Wiebe (Senior Advisor for ERA and Research-Related Issues), explain that the sector has a long history of noise mitigation and is committed to continuing to make progress based on cost-effective solutions…

Noise & Vibrations supplement 2013

Issue 6 2013, Supplements / 5 December 2013 /

Reducing vibrations near railway lines – ways for finding effective measures
Industry cooperation needed for a less noisy railway
Speech intelligibility in trains

Noise Vibration Supplement 2012

Issue 6 2012, Supplements / 28 November 2012 /

ACOUTRAIN: simplifying and improving the acoustic certification process of new rolling stock (Alice Polo, Senior Interoperability and Safety Manager, UNIFE and ACOUTRAIN Coordinator; Estelle Bongini, ACOUTRAIN Technical Leader and Ulf Orrenius, ACOUTRAIN Technical Leader)
Track21: reducing noise and vibration from ballasted track (David Thompson, Professor of Railway Noise and Vibration, Institute of Sound and Vibration Research, University of Southampton)

Noise & Vibrations supplement (free to view)

Issue 6 2011, Supplements / 13 December 2011 /

High Speed Two: Application of good noise control design (Professor Andrew McNaughton, Chief Engineer, High Speed Two Ltd and European Railway Review Editorial Board Member)
Being a good neighbour – reducing vibrations near railway lines (Bernd Asmussen, RIVAS Project Coordinator, UIC and Enno Wiebe, Manager Research Programmes and Projects, UIC)