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Nicolas Petrovic - Articles and news items

Eurostar unveil new e320 train and future plans

Issue 1 2015 / 13 February 2015 /

Towards the end of 2014, Eurostar unveiled its new e320 train – designed to offer passengers an unprecedented level of style and comfort, as the cross-Channel high-speed operator looks to ambitious growth in its services in the future. European Railway Review was keen to interview Nicolas Petrovic – CEO of Eurostar – to understand more about their plans for the future and the key features of the new trains…

Eurostar reports continuing growth in the first half of 2014

Rail industry news / 17 July 2014 /

Eurostar reported continued growth in both passenger volumes and sales revenues in the first half of 2014…

Eurostar reports strong growth in 2013 as it enters twentieth year of services

Rail industry news / 5 March 2014 /

Eurostar reported a strong performance in 2013 with continued increases in both passenger numbers and sales revenues during a year which saw the business celebrate two record breaking passenger milestones…

Eurostar reports strong growth during the third quarter of 2013

Rail industry news / 15 October 2013 /

Sales revenues up 10% year-on-year to £207 million…

Eurostar announces new direct service between London and Amsterdam

Rail industry news / 27 September 2013 /

Eurostar today announces that it has signed an agreement with the Dutch railways to launch direct services between London and Amsterdam…

Eurostar reports an encouraging start to 2013

Rail industry news / 18 April 2013 /

Eurostar reported an encouraging start to the year with growth in sales revenues during the first three months of the year…

Eurostar delivers a strong performance in 2012

Rail industry news / 25 March 2013 /

Eurostar reported a strong performance in 2012 marked by rising passenger numbers and good growth in profitability…

New trains, new routes and new services – Eurostar’s vision for the future

Issue 6 2012 / 27 November 2012 /

Since Eurostar’s maiden voyage in 1994, we have carried over 130 million passengers across the Channel. Today, eight out of 10 passengers travelling between London and Paris and Brussels choose to do so by high-speed rail on a Eurostar service, with almost 10 million people travelling with us last year alone.

When I think back to the moment the first passenger service pulled out of London Waterloo 18 years ago, I cannot help but be struck by the travel revolution that has taken place during that time. In 1994, we could never have foreseen that by 2012 London would be France’s sixth largest city, with a regular stream of commuters enjoying the high-speed rail link between the UK and the Continent.

We are entering a very exciting period for high-speed European rail – a rail renaissance – as the deregulation of the market brings with it new routes, new partnerships and new services across the network. We expect to see an exciting period of growth and innovation over the coming years, just as has been seen in other newly liberalised markets like energy and telecoms. The ultimate winners will be the passengers and they can expect to experience a raft of innovations and better choice.

Eurostar reports a resilient performance in the first half of 2012

Rail industry news / 12 July 2012 /

Passenger numbers up 2% to 4.8 million in H1 2012…

Creating a fair and open rail market to compete with road and aviation is key

Issue 6 2011 / 6 December 2011 /

Over the coming weeks and months, EU policy-makers will lock horns in earnest over new rules to ensure fair and open competition in the European rail market, both freight and passenger. On economic grounds alone it is critical that the right rules are in place but it is equally important from an environmental standpoint.

The EU is pursuing ambitious reductions in CO2 and the right conditions for growth in international rail travel could encourage many more people to choose the train over less carbon efficient options such as the car or plane.

Transport accounts for almost a quarter of total EU greenhouse gas emissions, yet it is the only sector where emissions continue to rise – an increase of 36% since 1990. If Europe is serious about reversing this trend and meeting its global environmental commitments, it needs to get its transport pricing and infrastructure investment policy right.

Eurostar raises the bar on environmental commitments

Rail industry news / 16 June 2011 /

Eurostar, launched the next phase of its pioneering environmental programme, Tread Lightly…

Eurostar reports strong growth in 2010 with sales revenue up 12% compared with 2009

Rail industry news / 14 January 2011 /

Eurostar, today announced a continued increase in overall sales revenue in 2010 compared with 2009…

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