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International Rail Transport Committee (CIT) - Articles and news items

Industry works together to present Roadmap for Digital Railways

Rail industry news / 26 April 2016 /

Four railway associations have joined forces to present a joint Roadmap for digital railways to deploy digital technology across the industry.

The CIT: legal expertise for rail transport undertakings

Issue 2 2016 / 23 March 2016 /

International rail transport can be tricky – at borders, everything suddenly comes to a standstill; tickets or consignment notes cause problems, rules for carriers concerning liability and damages don’t tally, and the interface between rail and ship or road is unclear. Having international law that governs railways is just not enough; it needs to be implemented on an operational level by the railways. And this is exactly where the International Rail Transport Committee (CIT) comes into play, explains Cesare Brand, Secretary General…

Delivering on passenger rights: Railways and national authorities reinforce their cooperation

Rail industry news / 15 October 2013 /

CER and CIT look forward to continue their exchange of views…