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Hans Paukert - Articles and news items

Fuelling the debate on diesel engine emissions

Issue 3 2008, Past issues / 28 May 2008 /

The International Union of Railways (UIC) was founded in 1922 to create standards to facilitate the operation of international railway traffic. These standards are contained within UIC-Leaflets which define technical specifications for interoperability for rolling stock, infrastructure, signalling systems and catenary. Other Leaflets cover agreements on operational and commercial rules. Some Leaflets are mandatory (e.g. braking systems, wheelsets, draw hooks and buffers) whereas others are only recommendatory.

UIC activities on composite brake shoes

Issue 2 2007, Past issues / 3 April 2007 /

The reduction and possible elimination of noise became an issue that is steadily gaining importance on railways. After ‘TSI noise’ came into force on 23 June 2006, all new-built rolling stock has to comply with it. One of the main sources of railway noise is the rolling sound of the wheel on the rail. The rougher and the less round the wheel surface – the greater the noise emitted.

Braking performance determination

Issue 2 2005, Past issues / 31 May 2005 /

During their historical development, the railways in Europe have adopted their own technical standards and operating rules according to national requirements. As a result, the European railways use different train control systems (INDUSI, KVB, LZB, TVM, ATB etc.) and have different warning distances (400m to 6,000m). This situation constitutes a serious obstacle for interoperable high speed and conventional trains. To overcome this obstacle, the ERTMS/ETCS standard European train control system was developed.