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Great North Eastern Railway (GNER) - Articles and news items

Displays respect East Coast heritage

Rail industry news / 2 April 2014 /

A need to maintain the overall look of Grade II listed Doncaster railway station while upgrading its customer information displays has been achieved by Infotec Ltd…

New direct GNER rail services proposed between London King’s Cross and West Yorkshire and London King’s Cross and Cleethorpes

Rail industry news / 27 February 2014 /

Great North Eastern Railway has announced its application to introduce a new direct express train service on the East Coast Main Line between London King’s Cross, and stations in West Yorkshire and Lincolnshire…

New high speed GNER rail services in December 2016 will slash London – Edinburgh journey times

Rail industry news / 12 December 2013 /

GNER has announced its plans to introduce a new high speed express train service…

The GNER approach

Issue 1 2005, Past issues / 2 March 2005 /

A RADICAL overhaul of driver training – that was East Coast intercity rail operator GNER’s response to industry-wide concerns raised by the Cullen inquiry into the Ladbroke Grove rail accident, plus the company’s ongoing challenge to attract new train drivers to join the business.