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Giuseppe Sciarrone - Articles and news items

Italo – now a reality

Issue 4 2012 / 1 August 2012 /

On 28 April 2012, the first passenger-filled Italo train left Naples station heading to Rome, Florence, Bologna and Milan. It was a highly emotional moment for everybody at NTV: the personnel, the partners and, of course, for me. After approximately four years of startup plans, the project finally became a reality.

It was also a historical moment for the Italian railway sector. For the first time, thanks to NTV, passengers now have the option to choose between operators. When a monopoly comes to an end – no matter in which field – it’s always a revolution for the market and an advantage for the public.

Tests and simulations are over, and now we face the market as any private company must do. A group of Italian entrepreneurs has invested €1 billion in this project – a huge amount of capital that has never been seen before in Europe by the private railway sector. Further – more, the current situation in Italy will provide a crucial reference point for liberalisa tion and competition across the Continent. If we prove successful, newcomers in other countries may try to take the same path. So it comes with no surprise that we are being observed with great attention by many large railway operators.

Alstom builds on its leading position in high-speed and very high-speed rail transport

Rail industry news / 30 November 2011 /

Alstom has unveiled the latest high-speed Pendolino trains at its Savigliano plant in Italy…

BT helps accelerate NTV’s high speed trains

Rail industry news / 31 March 2011 /

BT announced the signature of a outsourcing contract with NTV, to build its communication infrastructure & to manage its ICT services…

The kick-off for Italo has been set

Issue 4 2010 / 3 August 2010 /

NTV, the first Italian private high-speed operator, will start commercial service in September 2011. We officially announced the kick-off date in a press conference we held in Rome at the end of May 2010. We therefore have 15 months of tough work ahead to complete the necessary steps to ultimate the preparation phase of our project.

It’s not easy, but we’re very excited by this fascinating challenge and we feel confident we’ll respect this strict time schedule. Or philosophy can be summarised by our brand new slogan, chosen by our Marketing Division: ‘Italo, il tuo treno’ (‘Italo, your train’). With this claim we’d like to underline that Italo is conceived for the needs of every kind of traveller. The slogan is also the welcome message of the new NTV site (www.ntvspa.it). But to keep this promise we have to work hard every day on each field we’re engaged in.