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Freightliner Group Ltd - Articles and news items

A class of their own?

Issue 2 2008, Past issues / 8 April 2008 /

Recently, Freightliner Group Ltd placed an order for 30 freight locomotives of a brand new design, giving even greater hauling capacity and a significant improvement in fuel economy than currently seen on the UK network. Project Genesis, which is being developed in partnership with General Electric (GE), will bring new technology to the UK rail freight market, enabling Freightliner to move longer and heavier trains whilst reducing CO2 emissions per tonne moved. The locomotive is currently undergoing development and will be ready for introduction into the UK during 2009.

Branching out to stay competitive

Issue 6 2007, Past issues / 26 November 2007 /

In 1999, Freightliner Group identified a significant opportunity for the company to enter the bulk freight market, and established Freightliner Heavy Haul Ltd (FHH). In an interview for the European Railway Review, Tim Shakerley explains how starting from scratch, the company has quickly grown in the bulk rail business, branching out into numerous sectors of the industry, including aggregates, cement, petroleum, waste and infrastructure services.

An engineering change

Issue 4 2006, Past issues / 28 July 2006 /

Since its inception seven years ago, Freightliner Heavy Haul has grown to become a business with a turnover in excess of £75m. Part of the company’s success is the recognition that engineering expertise has a key role to play in delivering and improving service and efficiency. Now, with capacity approaching saturation point – and the railways under ever greater strain – Freightliner continues to find new solutions to old problems.