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Finnish Rail Administration (RHK) - Articles and news items

150 years of Finnish railways – still a vital part of the transport system

Issue 3 2012 / 8 June 2012 /

2012 marks a special occasion in Finnish railway history: our railways celebrate their 150th anniversary. Scheduled train services began on 17 March 1862 between Helsinki and Hämeenlinna, and ever since then, rail transport has had a huge influence on the development of our society and landscape. Over the years, a large number of towns have sprung up around railway junction stations.

Today, railways remain an important part of our transport system. The train is a safe, costeffective, and environmentally-friendly mode of transport, ideally suited for high-volume long-distance passenger and freight flows. In Finland, its central purpose is twofold: to provide trunk connections between major cities, and to carry long-distance and heavy industrial transports. In the Helsinki region, there is also an important network serving commuters to and from the capital.

The position of rail in the make-up of the Finnish transport system has been largely unchanged for a long time. It accounts for 25% of goods transported in tonne-kilometres – a high figure compared with the EU average, 16%. However, only 5% of passenger kilometres are covered by rail, which is a little below the EU average of 7%.

Finnish slab track study for Airport Line

Issue 3 2009, Past issues / 15 May 2009 /

Details of the study of a slab track system for the new Ring Rail Line conducted in Vantaa, Finland for Finnish Railway Administration by Pöyry Infra Ltd and VR-Track Ltd Railway Consulting department.

Finland’s longest railway tunnel is under construction

Issue 3 2008, Past issues / 28 May 2008 /

A new harbour is presently being built in Finland’s capital and will be ready by the end of 2008. The harbour is located in Vuosaari, approximately 15km from the centre of Helsinki (see Figure 1). The Vuosaari Harbour project includes the construction of a cargo harbour as well as traffic channels – a new fairway, […]

The Finnish-Russian joint rail project

Issue 3 2005, Past issues / 23 August 2005 /

A joint project between Finland and Russia will gradually shorten the journey time on the Helsinki-St. Petersburg line to approximately three hours. Modernising the rail connection between Helsinki and St. Petersburg is one of the most important joint development projects between Finland and the Russian Federation. In the background is both countries’ desire to develop transport connections and make the necessary investments. The project will be completed in stages. By 2008 the rapidly developing St. Petersburg region will be less than four hours by train from Helsinki. Ultimately the journey time will be reduced to three hours.