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European Rail Freight Association (ERFA) - Articles and news items

Supporting competition and an innovative single European railway

Issue 3 2015 / 4 June 2015 /

ERFA, the European Rail Freight Association, brings together the newcomers on the European rail market. ERFA’s members range from railway undertakings to wagon keepers, freight forwarders, leasing companies and national rail associations, covering the whole value chain of rail transportation across Europe. All members are united in a commitment to work towards a competitive and innovative single European railway market underpinned by attractive, fair and transparent market conditions for all railway companies. Julia Lamb, ERFA Secretary General, explains more…

Will the Council’s approach to the Safety Directive stumble at the last hurdle?

Rail industry news / 30 September 2013 /

“If the concept of the ‘lead NSA’ is further promoted, it would bring no real change…”

Rail Forum Europe calls for realistic measures to reduce rail noise

Rail industry news / 31 May 2013 /

“Wagon noise: on the way to remove the last rail environmental burden”…