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European Common Safety Method (CSM) - Articles and news items

A possible universal approach for risk assessments

Issue 2 2016 / 23 March 2016 /

François Bianco, Isabella Mariani and Hanspeter Schlatter from the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) Signalling Department present their risk assessment method and suggest that a possible universal approach could be used…

Ensuring safety in the Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link rail and road tunnel

Issue 5 2015 / 1 October 2015 /

Safety for end-users is an integral part of any project, not least the project of building the 18.2km-long Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link between Fehmarn in Germany and Lolland in Denmark. It encompasses every aspect of the tunnel project. Apart from ensuring that all specific railway and general safety demands are met, there is also the challenge of adhering to high German, Danish and EU safety standards. Johnny Restrup-Sørensen, Contract Director for Railway at Femern A/S, explains how the demands actually help to achieve the goal of building a modern and very safe tunnel…

The reduction of railway regulation in Europe

Rail industry news / 21 November 2013 /

The European institutions have identified that one of the major obstacles to reach a single European railway market…

EBA in a liberalised railway market

Issue 2 2010 / 5 April 2010 /

With the German Railway Reform in 1994, the sovereign functions were transferred from the former state railways Deutsche Bundesbahn and Deutsche Reichsbahn to the Eisenbahn-Bundesamt (EBA). These comprise primarily the issuing of approvals and the supervisory function. The approval function of the EBA encompasses the authorisation of technical products and systems in the form of authorisations for placing into service. It does extend, however, to ‘authorising’ companies by way of licences and issuing safety certificates and/or safety authorisations to railway undertakings and/or infrastructure managers based on an audit of their safety management systems. Since 2007, the EBA has thus been the safety authority pursuant to Article 16 of the Safety Directive.