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Estonian Railways - Articles and news items

Vital Estonian infrastructure renovation to ensure safety and quality

Issue 2 2016 / 23 March 2016 /

On 5 November 2015 railways in Estonia celebrated their 145th anniversary. Over the course of nearly one and a half centuries, Estonia has seen various governments in power and different principles, technology and tools employed in railway construction. With some important repairs already finished, Sulev Loo, Chairman of the Management Board – General Director of Estonian Railways Ltd., highlights what is next on the list of projects to bring more of its infrastructure up-to-date…

Estonian rail freight carrier’s cargo volume reached 1.06 million tons in August

Rail industry news / 5 September 2014 /

Estonian state-owned rail freight carrier EVR Cargo’s freight volume reached 1.06 million tons in August, decreasing by 5.7 per cent year-on-year…

Rail investment and development is a priority in Estonia

Issue 3 2014 / 4 June 2014 /

Ahti Asmann, Chairman of the Management Board at AS Eesti Radutee explains that a series of major improvements have been carried out to the railways in Estonia over recent years, and 2014 is set to continue this trend. Following the recent separation of the country’s rail infrastructure and cargo enterprises, the next aim is to bring about extreme changes in the quality of passenger traffic in Estonia. Already seen in early-2014 was the opening of a brand new passenger train park, plus the approval of the Estonian Government’s Development Plan of Transportation 2014-2020, which further demonstrates the higher goals for the development of railway transportation in the country.

Estonian Railways quickly adapts to changing economic circumstances

Issue 3 2010 / 31 May 2010 /

With its 140-year history, Estonian Railways has been a bright example in illustrating how to adapt to circumstances and successfully cope with them in the rapidly changing economic environment of recent years. 2009 represented an important year for Estonian Railways, when it carried out several significant changes concerning its tariff system, investments, and the optimisation of its activities.

On 14 January 2009, Estonian Railways founded two new affiliates: EVR Infra Ltd. (a rail infrastructure undertaking) and EVR Cargo Ltd. (a rail transport services undertaking). These companies have become a group of undertakings working under control of Estonian Railways Ltd.

Significant developments help future sustainability

Issue 2 2008, Past issues / 8 April 2008 /

2007 was one of the most controversial years in Estonian Railways’ history. The year could be characterised by the repurchase of company’s shares by the government, record freight volumes during the first months of the year, record low volumes during the second half of the year, cost savings, staff reductions, efficiency improvements and preparation of the new business plan.