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ERESS - Articles and news items

Vivens joins train energy management organisation Eress

Rail industry news / 3 August 2015 /

Eress, the organisation committed to implementing a standard energy management and billing system on trains, has welcomed its seventh partner Dutch energy procurement cooperative Vivens.

SNCF starts testing Erex system

Rail industry news / 27 February 2015 /

Eress organisation has announced that SNCF (Société nationale des chemins de fer français) has decided to test the Erex system, and Eress Director, Dyre Martin Gulbrandsen “considers this a significant milestone.”…

SBB from Switzerland becomes Eress 6th. Partner

Rail industry news / 5 March 2014 /

Eress organisation announces that SBB, the Swiss Federal Railways, officially becomes Eress 6th. Partner…

Finland becomes fifth Eress partner

Rail industry news / 10 January 2013 /

The Eress organisation has announced that the Finnish Transport Agency has officially become the fifth partner of Eress…

Erex wins Energy and C02 Award

Rail industry news / 26 October 2012 /

The Eress organization has won an UIC award for its Erex system. Erex helps Infrastructure Managers and Train Operators…

Next generation energy settlement system: Immediate saving, increased competitiveness

Issue 5 2012 / 19 September 2012 /

Eress is an open partnership between infrastructure managers Banedanmark, Infrabel, Jernbaneverket and Trafikverket. A non-profit organisation, jointly owned by its partners, Eress is committed to the development, implementation and supply of the Erex energy settlement system – a system that gives train operators total control over their train’s actual energy consumption. For European Railway Review, Dyre Martin Gulbrandsen, Director of Eress, explains how Erex has been developed and what the advantages are, and further on in the article, Terje Stømer from Jernbaneverket comments on the importance of using actual energy consumption data from trains for billing purposes.

As the leading energy settlement system on the market, Erex offers infrastructure managers the chance to strengthen railway transport through increased competiveness. Having been developed by the users, the system also offers a unique opportunity to lead instead of follow technological development.

“Over recent years, Erex has proven its position as the leading energy settlement system on the market,” says Dyre Martin Gulbrandsen. “It gives train operators total control over the trains’ actual energy consumption.

ERESS: The new common European standard?

Issue 2 2009, Past issues / 26 March 2009 /

Learn more about the ERESS (European Railway Energy Settlement System) and how it reduces railway energy consumption by up to 15%, strengthening both the environmental profile and competitiveness of the railways.