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Eigil Sabroe - Articles and news items

Big investments in the Danish State Rail Network

Issue 3 2007, Past issues / 6 June 2007 /

Banedanmark face great challenges in the coming years. New funds from the Danish government will make it possible for Banedanmark to renew large parts of the Danish State rail network over the next seven years. Another huge challenge is a total renewal of the entire signalling system introducing an ERTMS based system in Denmark.

Danish rail tracks – demanding more

Issue 3 2006, Past issues / 31 May 2006 /

Approximately 2,700 trains are in operation on the Danish tracks every day.They make use of over 3,240km of tracks, cross 2,342 bridges and intersect with roads at numerous points. The technology involved is mostly of the standard proven type,with a general inclination towards high quality.This is not a land of cutting edge solutions – but this may change in years to come when larger renewal plans are implemented.