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Dr Peter Ramsauer - Articles and news items

Efficient Infrastructure is the foundation for growth

Issue 2 2013 / 2 April 2013 /

Efficient transport infrastructure is the foundation for the growth and competitiveness of our economy. More and more countries in Europe have come to the realisation that the forecast increase in commodity flows cannot be managed anymore with the already available infrastructure. This also means that focusing on one single mode of transport is not enough: The benefits of all modes of transport – road, rail, waterborne and air – must be exploited to the fullest.

Encouraging railway transport growth in Germany

Issue 2 2012 / 14 April 2012 /

In 1993, Germany initiated its structural railway reform. Bundesbahn became Deutsche Bahn AG (DB AG) and the aim of the reform was to get more traffic on the railways to limit the burden on the budget and to create more competition. Today, one can say that this comprehensive reform was a complete success.

The transport performance of freight and passenger traffic increased considerably, and competition on the rail is clearly increasing, the same as group turnover, productivity and the overall operating results of DB AG.

Due to the economic crisis, turnover, profit and freight transport performance in 2009 decreased as expected but, since 2010, figures have been increasing in these areas.

The reform process is being consistently reviewed to progress even further. In order to successfully master the challenges of the European rail transport market and to ensure further growth in the railway sector, we need economically strong and successful railway undertakings.