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Doris Bures - Articles and news items

Infrastructure projects are an engine for growth

Issue 4 2012 / 1 August 2012 /

As a starting point for the following considerations, I would like to choose two well-founded assumptions. Firstly, mobility is a basic prerequisite of our modern society and economy. Secondly, both passenger transport as well as cargo transport will see an increase in mobility in the years to come. The respective prognoses we have for Austria coincide with those for the EU as a whole.

Environmental and climate protection, the protection of the population against noise, particles, and exhaust gases have meanwhile become integral parts of all transport-related considerations. Therefore, I believe it is right that we have continued further development of the EU Directive on the charging of heavy goods vehicles for use on certain infrastructures which, for the first time, will include external costs such as noise and air pollution into road pricing on European roads. The new Directive is a first step towards true costs and as such provides an important contribution to an economically and ecologically sustainable transport system. Other steps must follow.

The desire to shift from road to rail

Issue 4 2010 / 4 August 2010 /

The railways in Europe continue to face disadvantages in competition with roads. The only way to achieve fair competition in the transport sector is to reflect the true costs of each mode of transport, including factors such as climate protection, social issues, health aspects and safety. Unfortunately, some approaches at the EU level do not follow this line of thought.