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Davide Quatrini - Articles and news items

Signalling & Telecommunications supplement (free to view)

Issue 1 2012, Supplements / 8 February 2012 /

Improved location of trains involved in safety critical scenarios (Davide Quatrini, Mauro Giaconi and Giuseppe Fazio, Faculty of Engineering, University of Rome ‘Tor Vergata’)
Eurotunnel is switching to digital and remains at the forefront of technology (Michel Boudoussier, Chief Operating Officer, Eurotunnel)

A history of electronic interlocking in Hungary (Péter Tóth, Signalling Expert, Hungarian State Railways, Telecom, Electrification and Signalling Technological Centre)

Satellite positioning systems: assessing state-of-the-art technology for railways

Issue 3 2011 / 31 May 2011 /

In this paper, we will try to provide a general overview about the state-of-the-art aspects of satellite positioning systems and their usage in the railway safety assessment field, in particular in the On-Board Technological Systems (OBTS) assessment processes. Obviously CENELEC norms are applied in Italy, but the national peculiarities request additional specifications for the testing of ETCS with the integrated Italian National Automatic Train Protection System, the SCMT (Sistema di Controllo Marcia Treno, i.e. Train Run Control System).

The main norm for this kind of test is the RFI TC.PATC ST CM 03 E23 document1 ‘Sistema Tecnologico di Bordo – Verifica funzionale dell’installazione del STB sui rotabili’ (On-Board Technological System – Functional Verification of the OBTS installation on rolling stock), compiled and issued during 2008 by the Technical Department – Automatic Train Control Project of Rete Ferroviaria Italiana inc. (Trackside Manager) and then incorporated in the official National Railway Standards by the National Railway Safety Authority (ANSF, Agenzia Nazionale per la Sicurezza delle Ferrovie).