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CETEST - Articles and news items

Noise & Vibrations supplement 2013

Issue 6 2013, Supplements / 5 December 2013 /

Reducing vibrations near railway lines – ways for finding effective measures
Industry cooperation needed for a less noisy railway
Speech intelligibility in trains

CETEST: Test services for commuter, long distance and high-speed railway vehicles

Issue 6 2011 / 6 December 2011 /

CETEST Test and Analysis Centre is an independent accredited laboratory focusing on the testing of railway vehicles. With headquarters in the North of Spain, we are a global company serving a diversity of customers ranging from railway undertakings (operators), system integrators (vehicle manufacturers) to equipment sub suppliers. The tests we perform cover the full spectrum of rail vehicles including urban transport (tramways and light-rail vehicles), commuter rail (both electrical and diesel multiple units), long distance and high-speed as well as locomotives and freight wagons. These tests are performed in specialised test benches at our facilities as well as while running on track depending on the nature of the need.

Our growth in recent years has followed the tendency on the railway sector for more testing in all projects worldwide. The increase in complexity and quantity of testing required grows as service level demands increase: more reliable systems and vehicles, higher speeds, better comfort, improved energy efficiency, increased safety levels etc. Also, testing needs grow as we move into the implementation of the common European regulations and all projects are required to undergo tests to check for compliance with common norms and limits.