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Brian Simpson - Articles and news items

Rail Forum Europe urges the need for customer-friendly IT solutions for rail travelers

Rail industry news / 28 November 2013 /

EU decision makers and rail stakeholders agree that IT systems in the rail sector should…

RFE and SHIFT2RAIL join for European rail sector success

Issue 5 2013 / 26 September 2013 /

Founded in 2011 by 15 Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) from across the parliamentary committees, Rail Forum Europe1 (RFE) is an international non-profit association that brings together EU decision-makers and the rail sector to achieve a better understanding of rail-related issues. RFE is currently supported by 20 full member MEPs and 41 associate member companies or associations directly involved in the rail sector. In an interview for European Railway Review, President of RFE Brian Simpson and Executive Secretary Leonardo Dongiovanni provide an insight into the aims and vision of the association, plus comment on the importance of the SHIFT2RAIL research and development initiative.

“Rail Forum Europe plays an important role in bringing together all the stakeholders in the railway industry with politicians to formulate rail policy throughout the whole of Europe,” explains Brian. He continues: “RFE covers every aspect of railway life and provides a forum for expert debate that is both informative and influential. The success of RFE has been greater than our expectations when this excellent initiative was first conceived. Our task in the future is to build on this success and keep railway issues at the forefront of the political debate.”

Rail Forum Europe supports the Commission’s proposals on the 4th Railway Package

Rail industry news / 12 April 2013 /

Support for the European Commission’s proposal on the 4th Railway Package…

Rail Forum Europe welcomes the progress on the SHIFT2RAIL initiative and calls for immediate action

Rail industry news / 20 February 2013 /

The European rail sector is ready to commit to major step changes…

Rail Forum Europe seeks innovative options for more attractive rail freight

Rail industry news / 21 June 2012 /

Members of the European Parliament and railway stakeholders gathered on 19 June…

Rail Forum Europe’s members call for a single European market for railway rolling stock

Rail industry news / 7 July 2011 /

Debate on the issue of the authorisation of railway vehicles in the EU…