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Björn Westerberg - Articles and news items

New investment highs in existing Swedish rail infrastructure

Issue 3 2017 / 10 May 2017 /

The increase of rail transport in Sweden has been positive for a long time on an aggregate level and the development has been the strongest in passenger traffic. Since the early-1990s train travel has doubled whereas the corresponding rate of increase in car travellers has been 10-15%. Railway infrastructure developments and investments in new traffic systems have been decisive factors in this growth. Maintenance and re investments, however, have not kept pace with traffic trends and the shortcomings in the rail system are becoming increasingly apparent. Björn Westerberg, CEO of ASTOC – the Association of Swedish Train Operating Companies – details current work and future plans for Sweden’s rail investments.

‘Railway 2050’

Issue 5 2016 / 6 September 2016 /

Sweden has one of the most dere gulated railway markets in Europe and the European Commission is striving to promote the Swedish system as a role model for the fourth railway package. The next step in the development of Swedish society re quires a sustainable, rapid and efficient transport system. As Björn Westerberg, CEO of ASTOC (the Association of Swedish Tr ain Operating Companies), explains, with appropriate measures and investments in place the necessary conditions for the railway to meet the demands for transport in the future can be achieved.