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Belgium - Articles and news items

Infrabel is digitalising the Belgian railway network to secure the future of rail

Issue 2 2017 / 19 March 2017 /

Infrabel, the Belgian railway infrastructure manager, is currently engaged in digitalising its railway network for the benefit of its customers, workforce, and all citizens. Exclusively for European Railway Review, CEO of Infrabel Luc Lallemand considers the challenges, advantages and milestones of this ground-breaking strategic transformation.

Proactive and real-time weather action plan keeps Belgian trains running

Railway Extra, Z Homepage promo / 2 November 2016 /

In the forthcoming issue of European Railway Review – Issue 6, 2016 – we have the pleasure of publishing an article from Infrabel. Luc Vansteenkiste, Director of Asset Management, and Ann Billiau, Director of Traffic Management and Services, will divulge the myriad ways they work to ensure the smooth running of their trains.

Railway safety, it’s my priority…

Issue 3 2016 / 25 May 2016 /

Belgium, situated at the heart of the European Union, possessing a very developed economic sector of logistics, is abundantly conscious of the challenges – present and future – of the transport sector. We are often pointed at as Belgium still resides in the top ranks of most congested roads in Europe. The transport sector has to continuously reinvent and adapt itself to become effective and efficient in accommodating ad-hoc demands. For instance, the transport sector still has a long way to go to reduce its ecological footprint…

Two new tracks for Belgium’s busiest railway line

Issue 3 2016 / 25 May 2016 /

In early-2016 Infrabel, the Belgian railway infrastructure manager, commissioned two new tracks as part of the strategic linkup between Brussels and Denderleeuw. For European Railway Review, Dirk Demuynck, Director of Build, looks back at the main achievements and challenges of this infrastructure project regarding the railway network and Belgium as a whole…

Video: The 8 year construction of Schuman intermodal hub

Rail industry news / 23 May 2016 /

This video displays the eight year construction of Brussels’ new Schuman intermodal hub which now connects trains, subways, buses, bicycles and taxis.

Belgian National Railways orders 1,362 double-deck train cars

Rail industry news / 21 December 2015 /

Belgian National Railways (SNCB-NMBS) has signed a contract with Bombardier and Alstom for the supply of 1,362 M7 double-deck train cars in an order worth €3.3 billion.

The Liefkenshoek Rail Link – a true passage to Europe

Issue 1 2015 / 13 February 2015 /

Infrabel, the rail infrastructure manager for the Belgian railway network, opened the new Liefkenshoek Rail Link to freight operators on Sunday 14 December 2014. In an interview with European Railway Review, Luc Lallemand, CEO of Infrabel, looked back one more time at the milestones in this rail link project that is strategic for freight traffic, the Port of Antwerp and the Belgian economy…

The Liefkenshoek Rail Link – part of a strategy for capacity

Issue 1 2014 / 12 February 2014 /

Infrabel, the Belgian rail infrastructure manager, is now busy with the final work on the track for the Liefkenshoek Rail Link. The works for this direct rail link between the left and right banks in the Port of Antwerp are well on schedule, and the new railway infrastructure will be commissioned in the latter part of 2014. For European Railway Review, Luc Lallemand, CEO of Infrabel, explains the most important milestones and challenges of this gigantic and strategic railway project for the Port of Antwerp.

Infrabel continues overhead line modernisation work

Issue 1 2014 / 12 February 2014 /

Infrabel, the Belgian rail infrastructure manager, is currently engaged in the progressive modernisation of its overhead lines. Electrical power is a vital element of sustainable rail transport. For European Railway Review, Richard Marcelis, Head of Infrabel’s Power Engineering Department, explains the major challenges and projects
relating to overhead lines on the Belgian network.

“The railway will be the transport mode of the 22nd century”

Issue 1 2012 / 6 February 2012 /

“The railway will be the transport mode of the 21st century, if it survives the 20th.” I had to use this phrase on numerous occasions during my time as Chief Executive of the Belgian National Railway Company in the 1990s, in order to make my colleagues aware of the necessity, during tense budgetary periods for public authorities, to efficiently use the budgetary means put at the company’s disposal by the public stakeholder, and at the same time, highlight the obligation that the public authorities have to make sufficient appropriations in their budget to allow the least polluting means of transport to continue its development.

This message has been understood in my country, as well as other countries, which has allowed large railway infrastructure projects to be launched and the massive acquisition of new rolling stock; and this, to the profit of railway undertakings, infrastructure managers, their clients and industry in numerous domains which are the pride of Europe. In other world regions this inspires a wish to launch enormous construction projects too, which directly allows European businesses to conquer new markets in exporting a unique ‘savoir-faire’.

Infrabel is putting the finishing touches to its Diabolo project

Issue 1 2012 / 6 February 2012 /

Infrabel, the manager of the Belgian railway infrastructure, is currently putting the finishing touches to Diabolo – the new direct rail link to and from Brussels Airport. With four months before the rail link goes into service, Luc Lallemand, Infrabel’s CEO, exclusively tells European Railway Review the most important achievements and strategic priorities of the prestigious Diabolo project.

Strategic railway link in the centre of Europe
Thanks to Diabolo, Brussels Airport will be directly connected with the major axes of the Belgian network and also with several European cities, via the international axes Frankfurt–Liège–Brussels–Paris and Amster – dam–Brussels–Paris.

After the completion of the Belgian highspeed network in 2009, which is now in service and which covers the Belgian territory from border to border (in the direction of France, Germany and the Netherlands and in the direction of Great Britain through the Eurotunnel) Belgium once again has strategically positioned itself at the centre of Europe.

Diabolo is an underground railway connection between the Brussels-National- Airport station (in the airport itself) and the new double railway line Schaerbeek–Mechelen (L25N) along the central reservation of the E19 motorway, which will also contribute to improving congestion to and from the capital.

Infrabel’s client oriented strategy in a liberalised railway market

Issue 1 2011 / 15 February 2011 /

Infrabel, manager of the Belgian railway infrastructure, has developed a variety of products and services for railway operators and its industrial clients. This initiative fits into the strategy of a client-oriented account management that caters to all individual needs. In an interview with European Railway Review, Luc Vansteenkiste, Director General Rail Access, discusses the challenges Infrabel faces within the context of a liberalised railway market.