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Railway Extra

Profiles, blogs and features covering every aspect of the railway industry…

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Feedback from the activities of the ERTMS Users Group

22 February 2017  •  Author: Michel Ruesen, Managing Director, ERTMS Users Group

Michel Ruesen, Managing Director of the ERTMS Users Group, updates the industry on the activities of the organisation and the implementation of ERTMS…

Station Innovation

21 February 2017  •  Author: Kristoff Van Leeuwen, Project Manager Station Innovation, Transport Systems Catapult

Transport Systems Catapult discusses how stations will play an important role in the digital railway revolution and highlights a project that aims to accelerate the adoption of new technologies.

Rolling stock – where is it heading?

14 February 2017  •  Author: Graham Ellis

Regular European Railway Review blogger Graham Ellis provides a general overview of rolling stock developments and highlights the importance of renewing infrastructure in order to keep up with locomotive advances.

Introducing the high-speed TGV L’Océane

8 February 2017  •  Author: SNCF

SNCF discuss the benefits of introducing the new high-speed TGV L’Océane trains, helping to connect major towns and cities in France whilst improving the customer experience.

Porterbrook and Northern to introduce bi-mode Class 319 Flex trains

3 February 2017  •  Author: Northern

Working with the Rail North Partnership, to support a growing railway in the north, Porterbrook and train operator Northern, part of the Arriva Group, are jointly developing a highly innovative rolling stock concept.

Increased knowledge sharing between transport modes could speed up development & reduce cost of autonomous transport

2 February 2017  •  Author: Sahar Danesh, Principal Policy Advisor for Transport, Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET)

Sahar Danesh of the IET discusses knowledge sharing between transport modes in order to develop autonomous public transport.

Challenging perceptions and encouraging the next generation of rail professionals

16 January 2017  •  Author: Gary Smithson, Associate Director – Rail, Morson International

Gary Smithson, Associate Director – Rail at Morson International recruitment agency discusses the industry skills shortage and explains why it will be important to challenge current perceptions as well as encourage the next generation.

The World’s 12 Most Amazing Rail Journeys

12 January 2017  •  Author: European Railway Review / Pettitts

Take a look at the below infographic highlighting the 12 most amazing rail journeys around the world and let us know your favourite…

Technology comes to rail passengers

11 January 2017  •  Author: Graham Ellis

Regular European Railway Review blogger Graham Ellis discusses the impact of the industry embracing new technologies and the resulting benefits for rail passengers…

Staying connected: Wi-Fi and evolving technology in public transportation

9 January 2017  •  Author: Richard Weatherburn, Vertical Marketing Manager - Transportation, Belden, Inc

“Within public transportation there is still room for growth in order to keep up with modern infrastructure and evolving technology,” says Belden’s Richard Weatherburn.

An interview with Arriva CEO Manfred Rudhart

6 January 2017  •  Author: European Railway Review

Now after almost a year of settling into the post of Arriva CEO, Manfred Rudhart speaks to European Railway Review about his role, tapping into new markets, and his plans for Arriva’s future…

Rail industry predictions for 2017

3 January 2017  •  Author: Katie Sadler, European Railway Review

Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, Director General of the UIC, speaks to European Railway Review about the standout rail industry moments of 2016 and gives his predictions for 2017.



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