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An interview with Dick Fearn

26 April 2017  •  Author: Dick Fearn, Chair of the Western Route Supervisory Board

For European Railway Review's Leadership Series, we speak to Dick Fearn, Chair of the new Western Supervisory Board.

The far-reaching effects of the Digital Railway

21 April 2017  •  Author: David Packer, CEO of the Permanent Way Institution

For European Railway Review, David Packer, CEO of the Permanent Way Institution, writes that key rail routes are approaching capacity and has prompted the Digital Railway project, which will add capacity by modernising train and track systems.

The impact of the EU General Data Protection Regulation on the railway industry

19 April 2017  •  Author: Jonathan Kirsop, partner at Stephenson Harwood

What will the impact of the GDPR be for rail businesses and what steps should they be taking now in preparation for implementation?

What will the new franchise mean for South West Trains?

13 April 2017  •  Author: Graham Ellis

Graham Ellis discusses how the change in the South West Trains franchise will affect the choice of trains used by the operator.

An interview with Simon Rennie

6 April 2017  •  Author: Simon Rennie

We speak to Simon Rennie, General Manager of the National Training Academy for Rail (NTAR), about the next generation of rail engineers...

Waiting in the station – a whole new experience?

30 March 2017  •  Author: SNCF Gares & Connexions

After a major campaign to make stations cleaner, SNCF Gares & Connexions is now focused on improving the quality of in-station waiting time.

Is ‘outside-the-box’ thinking enough to implement new rail technologies?

23 March 2017  •  Author: Rebeka Sellick, Head of Rail at TRL

Rebeka Sellick, Head of Rail at TRL, discuses innovations in rail and whether simply thinking ‘outside-the-box’ is enough to truly move forward with implementing new rail technologies.

Should we go ahead with HS2?

16 March 2017  •  Author: Graham Ellis

Regular European Railway Review blogger, Graham Ellis, delves into the subject of high-speed train lines, specifically HS2.

Grand Central Rail is investing in its Yorkshire stations

9 March 2017  •  Author: Grand Central Railway

To help make stations a friendlier and safer environment, train operator Grand Central Rail is investing in its fleet and the community in 2017 to improve the capacity and comfort of its services.

How stations can add value for people and cities

6 March 2017  •  Author: Atkins

Project management consultancy company Atkins reveals findings of a new report which looks at how a station and its design can add value for people and cities.

On-board infotainment: choose the profitable route

3 March 2017  •  Author: Roger Matthews, Managing Director of GoMedia

GoMedia managing director Roger Matthews explores how train operators should take advantage of their on-board infotainment system to drive ancillary revenue and form deeper relationships with passengers.

Feedback from the activities of the ERTMS Users Group

22 February 2017  •  Author: Michel Ruesen, Managing Director, ERTMS Users Group

Michel Ruesen, Managing Director of the ERTMS Users Group, updates the industry on the activities of the organisation and the implementation of ERTMS…