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Fenner Precision, a leading global engineered elastomeric solutions provider, specialises in manufacturing custom precision components for some of the Transport industry’s largest OEM’s.

Hard wearing yet highly flexible, Fenner Precision’s TransFlex™ range has rapidly become the preferred material for the production of gangway bellows used in the Transport industry.  TransFlex™ combines low-smoke, low-toxicity materials whilst maintaining exceptional flex fatigue capabilities - ensuring long life and reliability in applications where safety is paramount.

TransFlex™ materials are available in wide widths and can be slit to suit your needs. Dual colours and finishes are available and can be tailored depending on your requirements.  Flexibility in specification and performance characteristics make it an ideal long life solution for a diverse range of applications such underground and overground rail transport and flexible buses.

If you require further information or wish to speak with a specialist, please contact Neil Parkinson, Transportation Market Manager at [email protected].

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