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Rail industry’s export strength begins at home…

10 May 2017  •  Author(s): Ben Möbius, Managing Director, German Rail Industry Association (VDB)

“Railways are the greatest productive act there has ever been, not just in the 19th century but throughout history”. This insight from German sociologist and national economist Werner Sombart (1863-1941) has rarely been more relevant than it is today. The current digitalisation of rail transport represents not only a fundamental innovative leap, but also promises the most climate-friendly, customer-friendly and economical means of mobility there has ever been.

Webinar: Internet of Trains 2.0 – Getting more return from your rail assets

This webinar will describe how rail operators and maintainers can use such data to improve their businesses and generate more return from their assets. Detailed examples will show how availability of rail assets can be improved and what will be possible with such data in the future.

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Digital technologies

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