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Signalling & Telecommunications In-Depth Focus 2017

In our latest free-to-view Signalling & Telecommunications In-Depth Focus:

  • digital issue #2 2017 signalling in-depth focusAccelerating the deployment of ERTMS in Europe: a key priority for the suppliers: Michel Van Liefferinge, General Manager, UNISIG
  • Review of the ERTMS European Deployment Plan: Karel Vinck, ERTMS Coordinator, European Commission
  • ERTMS Norway – preparing for a paradigm shift: Eivind Skorstad, ERTMS National Implementation Project Manager, Bane NOR
  • Present and future TETRA use in railway signalling applications: David Chater-Lea, TCCE Vice-Chairman, ETSI

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2 responses to “Signalling & Telecommunications In-Depth Focus 2017”

  1. TerryK says:

    Could do with an article on how we are getting on with ERTMS, the only one I know about is on the Cambrian Line. Where next?

  2. Nigel says:

    Very interesting article outlining essential safety aspects of future signalling.

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