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New regional trains ordered for the Rhine Valley network

17 February 2017  •  Author: Rachael Harper

The mass transit arm of Deutsche Bahn has ordered 39 trainsets specifically for use on its Rhine Valley rail service.

Comprising 24 articulated trains from the new Mireo platform and 15 double-decker Desiro HCs, the trains, supplied by Siemens, will begin their operation in the summer of 2020.

The restructure of the Rhine Valley network

The order is due to the restructure of the Rhine Valley service in southwest Germany, which will result in the use of more trains within the region. When completed, there will be a clear split between fast, cross-regional trains (S-Bahns) that run between cities and suburban rail systems (RBs) which stop at local stations.

The Mireo’s silent, aerodynamic design and quiet bogies makes it suited to its future use as a suburban, regional train. It is also 25% more energy efficient due to its lightweight construction, energy-efficient components and intelligent board network management system.

Meanwhile, the Desiro HC (though only 105 metres long) offers 410 seats and will operate as a cross-regional express train. With no steps at all in the two end cars and over 50% of the interior being barrier-free, the HC is also equipped to meet the needs of mobility impaired passengers.

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