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Russian Railways GTh1-002 main gas turbine locomotive enters service

10 February 2017  •  Author: Katie Sadler, European Railway Review

Russian Railways has delivered a GT1h-002 main gas turbine locomotive for operation on the Sverdlovsk railways route.

Russian Railways GTh1 Main Gas Turbine Locomotive enters service

GT1h-002 (Credit: Sinara Group)

The GT1h-002 main gas turbine locomotive, which runs on liquefied natural gas (LNG), will begin regular operation on the Egorshino–Alapayevsk–Serov-Sortirovochny route.  Trials will now be carried out on a non-electrified test route north of the Sverdlovsk mainline, where there are plans to start operating such vehicles.

GTh1-002 Main Gas Turbine Locomotive drove train weighing 9,000 tons

The locomotive has been designed to drive trains with increased weight and length. In May 2016, during a test run, the GTh1-002 drove a train weighing 9,000 tons on the 700km Surgut–Voinovka route without the need to refuel en route.

Sverdlovsk Railway’s has the necessary infrastructure to operate the GT1h-002 including, extensive non-electrified sections of different profiles suitable for gas turbine locomotives. Furthermore, a LNG complex was built near Yekaterinburg with a special station for fuelling rolling stock.

The introduction forms part of the Energy Strategy for JSC Russian Railways and is an alternative to expensive diesel fuel. The move will also help to reduce harmful emissions by rail freight transportation.

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