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ÖBB Railjet – technology that moves

31 January 2017  •  Author(s): Kurt Bauer, ÖBB’s Head of High-Speed and Long-Distance Services

ÖBB Railjet – technology that moves

Railjet is the most modern high-speed train in ÖBB’s fleet and connects the whole of Austria with Germany, Switzerland, Hungary and the Czech Republic (and from 2018 with Italy as well) at up to 230km/h on a regular schedule. Here ÖBB’s Head of High-Speed and Long-Distance Services, Kurt Bauer, explains that passengers travel at the highest levels of comfort and can also take advantage of a new and improved Wi-Fi system including service and infotainment offerings on all Railjets equipped with Railnet.

The Railjet consists of short-coupled Siemens Viaggio Comfort wagons and Siemens ES64U2 (1116) or Siemens ES64U4 (1216) loco – motives. Thus, the Railjet ranks among the fastest trains hauled by locomotives in the world. According to TSI, the Railjet ranks among TSI class II high-speed trains. Furthermore, every train features up to four country-specific train protection systems as well as ETCS.

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