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Northern Rail Brings Security Systems to 200 Stations

2 September 2014  •  Author: Northern Rail

The UK’s largest rail operator, Northern Rail, has reached a landmark in its security provision and has now installed 200 CCTV facilities at its stations. In the 10 years since its franchise began, Northern has increased the number of security systems from 84 to 200, making 58% more of its stations safer for customers.

Having recently installed a wave of systems in the North East at Marske, Longbeck, Southbank and Redcar East stations, Northern is demonstrating the success of taking ownership of the CCTV installation from Network Rail. By developing an in-house solution, costs were significantly reduced and more systems have been possible to install.

Martyn Guiver, Head of Crime Management for Northern Rail, comments: “To reach a total of 200 stations now offering peace of mind for both customers and staff, is a fantastic milestone. Many of our stations are small, positioned on rural and isolated routes, and CCTV brings a level of security we wouldn’t otherwise be able to provide.”

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The installation of CCTV on Northern’s network has reduced crime by 55% since the start of the franchise against a national average reduction of 35%.

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