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Whitepaper: State of the art in axle counting

30 August 2013  •  Author(s): Frauscher Sensortechnik GmbH

Frauscher whitepaper imageFor many years, modern axle counting systems in many countries of the world have taken over from track vacancy detection systems based on the track-circuit principle and are increasingly applied as an integral component of higher-level technical interlocking and signalling equipment. Today, they are able to provide a great deal of information to the complete system beyond track vacancy detection. Here, the challenge is to meet the widest range of requirements of the track operators and system integrators with reference to environmental conditions, interfaces, reset procedure, direction information, diagnostic information, etc. at the lowest possible life-cycle cost. This white paper describes the possible applications of axle counting systems and the challenges and/or required functionalities of modern solutions and gives an overview of the products of Frauscher Sensortechnik GmbH.

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