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Winter Operations - Articles and news items

Winter preparations – keeping things on track

Rail industry news / 6 December 2016 /

During winter the effects of weather extremes and harsh conditions can prove a real challenge for rail infrastructure managers and engineers in keeping the network running…

Winter Operations supplement 2016

Issue 6 2016, Supplements, Z Homepage promo / 23 November 2016 /

Infrabel’s Luc Vansteenkiste and Ann Billiau discuss how a proactive and real-time weather action plan keeps Belgian trains running in winter, whilst Gennady Verkhovykh covers keeping Russia’s railways moving during winter, and Zaugg present their track-based snow clearing systems…

Government confirms £10m funding for rail resilience in South West England

Rail industry news / 18 November 2016 /

The UK government has confirmed that it is to provide an additional £10 million funding for Network Rail’s proposed rail resilience scheme on the line between Exeter and Newton Abbot.

Proactive and real-time weather action plan keeps Belgian trains running

Railway Extra, Z Homepage promo / 2 November 2016 /

In the forthcoming issue of European Railway Review – Issue 6, 2016 – we have the pleasure of publishing an article from Infrabel. Luc Vansteenkiste, Director of Asset Management, and Ann Billiau, Director of Traffic Management and Services, will divulge the myriad ways they work to ensure the smooth running of their trains.

Network Rail deploys winter fleet in preparation for cold snap

Rail industry news / 14 January 2016 /

With temperatures expected to drop over the coming days and snow predicted in some parts of the UK, Network Rail prepares its orange army and winter fleet to reduce any resulting delays.

Winter Operations supplement

Issue 6 2015, Supplements / 9 December 2015 /

In our latest free-to-view Winter Operations Supplement, Trafikverket and London Overground share their winter preparation activities, and Jane Dobson from the Rail Safety & Standards Board discusses how winter plans can be improved in GB…

Rail Winter Operations supplement

Issue 6 2014, Supplements / 3 December 2014 /

In our latest free-to-view Rail Winter Operations Supplement, industry experts take a look at the work needed for infrastructure and rolling stock in Norway and Finland to keep operations open during harsh winter months, and what tests do trains and tracks go through in a climatic wind tunnel?

Translink partners with Met Office to keep leaf fall predictions on track!!

Rail industry news / 5 November 2012 /

In 2011, Translink NI Railways partnered with the Met office for the first time to receive regular updates and forecasts on leaf fall…

Winter delays and disruption – combating the cold

Issue 5 2010 / 20 September 2010 /

The hard winter of 2009/2010 led to major disruptions to train services in Sweden. In April 2010, the Swedish Transport Administration initiated an inquiry intended to show how great the delays were that affected passenger and goods services, how great a cost to society they entailed, what caused the delays, the factors that interacted to contribute to the situation that arose, and what the Swedish Transport Administration can do, principally from a macro-economic perspective.

Norway’s tough winter challenge and double-track progress

Issue 3 2010 / 31 May 2010 /

The past winter was unusually tough and challenging for Norwegian railways. Almost three months of continuous cold weather took their toll on ageing and well-worn infrastructure, resulting in record low punctuality and a large number of train cancellations. Never before have we experienced such poor punctuality over such a prolonged period. Rail users rightly voiced their displeasure. The media were merciless in their criticism, and intense political debate ensued.

On top of winter’s many disruptions, the run-up to Easter brought more trouble. On 24 March 2010, 16 wagons broke loose from a retarder at the Alnabru freight terminal and rolled at high speed down to Oslo harbour, where a number of them smashed into two buildings.