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United Arab Emirates (UAE) - Articles and news items

Etihad Rail: Pioneering UAE railway design and innovation…

Issue 4 2016 / 25 July 2016 /

For decades railways around the world have played an integral role in the socio-economic development of local communities, cities and countries through enhanced freight transport and logistics capabilities. Key benefits include providing a fast and efficient alternative means of passenger and freight transport; increasing connectivity between urban and rural spaces; job creation and reducing the environmental footprint by decreasing road traffic. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) recognises the importance of rail transport to the wider region and is therefore embarking on an ambitious railway project to facilitate the tremendous economic and social development witnessed over the past few years…

Etihad Rail secures USD 1.28 billion in financing for Stage One of strategic national railway project

Rail industry news / 26 February 2013 /

Etihad Rail has secured financing of USD 1.28 billion for Stage One of its railway project…