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Turkish rail network - Articles and news items

RailNetEurope – gateway to European rail infrastructure

Issue 3 2013 / 23 May 2013 /

Revitalising the railways of Europe has been on the agenda of both the railway industry and the European institutions for a number of years. Since 1991, the European Commission has issued a number of directives and regulations as part of the four ‘railway packages’ and the TEN-T initiative (Trans-European Transport Networks),all of which aim, directly or indirectly, to integrate the European railway area into a competitive single market. Since 2004, RailNetEurope, an industry initiative, has acted as the gateway to European rail infrastructure.

Turkish rail network prepares for the future

Issue 2 2013 / 2 April 2013 /

Turkey is a country on the move. It has a younger and faster growing population than anywhere in Europe. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) predicts Turkey will be the second fastest-growing country in the world by 2018, and by 2025 the Turkish economy is expected to outstrip those of Canada, Spain and Italy. The country is building a railway to service this fast-growing economy. Since a decision made a decade ago that Turkey’s railway should be modernised rather than gently left to rot as it had been beforehand, substantial progress has been made in building a system fit for the 21st century.