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Trenitalia - Articles and news items

Trenitalia orders 150 Coradia Meridian trains for regional operation

Rail industry news / 9 August 2016 /

Trenitalia, the Italian national operator, has awarded a framework contract for 150 new medium-capacity regional trains to Alstom.

Trenitalia improves rolling stock maintenance using big data

Issue 4 2016 / 25 July 2016 /

Rolling stock maintenance is an expensive and critical process for a railway company. Trenitalia has managed to make it more effective by using a dynamic maintenance system which combines the Internet of Things (IoT) with analytics and in-memory computing. For European Railway Review, Trenitalia’s CIO, Danilo Gismondi, shares the details of these all-encompassing technologies and how they are working to keep Italy’s rolling stock on track…

Trenitalia takes delivery of first Coradia Meridian Jazz EMU for Campania

Rail industry news / 27 April 2016 /

Trenitalia has taken delivery of the first Alstom Coradia Meridian Jazz EMU for Campania as part of a regional train order originally signed in 2012.

Trenitalia orders 6 additional Coradia Meridian regional trains

Rail industry news / 29 March 2016 /

Operator Trenitalia has ordered six additional Alstom Coradia Meridian trains for the Trentino region in Italy. Delivery is expected by the end of this year.

Trenitalia places €190 million order for Vivalto regional trains

Rail industry news / 10 December 2015 /

Trenitalia has awarded Hitachi Rail Italy a €190 million contract to supply new Vivalto regional trains for Trenitalia’s commuter service.

New Coradia Meridian EMUs begin service on Rome Airport link

Rail industry news / 6 October 2015 /

Alstom built Coradia Meridian trains have begun passenger service on the Leonardo Express between Rome and Fiumicino Airport.

Frecciarossa 1000 high speed train makes inaugural journey

Rail industry news / 27 April 2015 /

Frecciarossa 1000 high speed train has made its maiden journey from Milan to Rome and it due to begin commercial service in June 2015.

Trenitalia orders a further 25 Alstom “Jazz” regional trains

Rail industry news / 23 April 2015 /

Trenitalia, the Italian national train operator, agrees two contracts worth approximately €170 million for the supply of 25 additional Alstom “Jazz” regional trains.

Trenitalia orders a further 70 AnsaldoBreda Vivalto train cars

Rail industry news / 2 April 2015 /

Trenitalia has placed an order for an additional 70 AnsaldoBreda Vivalto train cars at a cost of 98 million euros.

Lower Emissions and Less Noise: First Atribo DMU for Trenitalia Driven by Voith RailPacks leaves PESA

Rail industry news / 8 September 2014 /

Trenitalia, the main rail operator in Italy, has ordered 40 diesel-driven ATR 220 railcars from the Polish manufacturer PESA…

Bombardier’s new high speed train design unveiled in Italy

Rail industry news / 20 August 2012 /

The groundbreaking train design for cost efficient, high capacity transport will be exhibited at InnoTrans 2012…

Building on success: the liberalised and competitive Italian railway market

Issue 4 2012 / 1 August 2012 /

The European railway industry has radically changed over recent years following the introduction of high speed networks which have revolutionised society. Italy was the first country in Europe to launch the railway market liberalisation process by opening up to competitors. In just a few years, the economy of the sector was transformed, offering new economic and competitive opportunities to key operators. More recently, Italy opened up high-speed services to private competitors, despite the current economic crisis.

This was a historical change, one which Trenitalia prepared for with great care, working hard to address the situation and to offer its customers the best solutions.

The Freccia system (Frecciarossa, Frecciargento and Frecciabianco): The current competitive situation presents a strong challenge for improvement. Competition for Trenitalia is a positive factor for both customers and the market in general. In the high-speed sector, for example, the Frecciarossa fleet has recently been renewed with the introduction of four new service levels (L4) which have completely revolutionised the traditional two-class system. Comfort and customised services are now part of the winning formula. Travel safety, frequency and an articulated range of constant flexible and affordable prices must certainly not be underestimated.


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