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Trans-European Transport Network - Articles and news items

TEN-T and CEF: a step towards a Single European Railway area

Rail industry news / 19 November 2013 /

The plenary of the European Parliament formally adopted the Trans-European Transport Network Guidelines…

Raising the profile of the SEETO Comprehensive Rail Network

Issue 1 2012 / 6 February 2012 /

The European Commission’s proposal on new TEN-T guidelines adopted on 19 October 2011 was welcomed by the Regional Participants, since it includes important achievement of South East European regional cooperation. For the first time, the SEETO (South East Europe Transport Observatory) Comprehensive Network was included in the TEN-T Comprehensive Network maps, which was characterised as one step further towards complete harmonisation with the TEN-T Comprehensive Network and fortification of the SEETO Comprehensive Network’s position of precursor of TEN-T Comprehensive Network in the South East Europe.

The SEETO Comprehensive Network is a one layer multimodal network which provides high level regional interconnections and connections of the Western Balkan with the EU (TEN-T). In its present form, the SEETO Comprehensive Network consists of 6,554km of roads, 4,807km of rails, 17 airports, four rivers, eight inland waterway ports and 10 seaports.

The regional transport network defined in the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the Development of the Core Regional Transport Network was established by seven South East European Regional Participants and the European Commission in order to ensure stability and economic prosperity of South East Europe.

The TEN-T Executive Agency and the financing of railway projects

Issue 5 2011 / 22 September 2011 /

The Trans-European Transport Network Executive Agency (TEN-T EA) is an Executive Agency of the European Union which was created in 2006 by the European Commission to implement the TEN-T programme on its behalf and in particular to monitor the technical and financial implementation of all TEN-T projects. The Agency is in charge of all open TEN-T projects under the 2000-2006 and 2007-2013 funding schemes. The projects represent all transport modes – air, rail, road, and waterborne (maritime/inland waterway) – plus logistics and intelligent transport systems and involve every EU Member State. For the EU’s 2007 to 2013 funding period, or financial framework, €7.2 billion has already been allocated out of a maximum possible budget of €8 billion. The lion’s share of the financing has been allocated to the rail sector, in recognition of the necessity to develop high-speed lines in Europe, to upgrade existing ones and to introduce a common approach to management and safety issues through intelligent transport systems solutions like the European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS).