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TP Ferro - Articles and news items

TP Ferro rolls out high speed maintenance operations with Infor

Rail industry news / 14 February 2013 /

Infor announced that TP Ferro has rolled out the Infor EAM to streamline all of its maintenance activities…

The Figueras-Perpignan High-Speed Line

Issue 5 2006, Past issues / 15 September 2006 /

Historically, the Pyrenees have acted as a natural barrier for the communications between France and Spain, concentrating them at both extremes of the mountain range, through the coastal plains. The increasing cross-border traffic flow has produced consequent traffic congestion. In 1992, the governments of France and Spain started detailed discussions in order to create a competitive rail link connection between both countries. Encouraged by the projected growth in traffic the governments signed an accord (‘The Madrid Agreement’) on 10 October 1995, with the intention of developing a double tracked, standard gauge, High-Speed Link through the Pyrenees linking Perpignan (France) with Figueras (Spain).