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Timetables - Articles and news items

The top 13 most delayed train routes in the UK

Railway Extra, Z Homepage promo / 12 June 2017 /

New research from Roulette Online has found the 13 most overcrowded trains in Britain to see how long you might be stuck on them.

c2c named as UK’s most punctual rail operator in May

Rail industry news / 7 June 2017 /

c2c achieved over 96% in the Public Performance Measure (PPM) figures, making it the best performing operating company in the UK.

Brochure: Dynamic timetabling for rail infrastructure owners

Whitepapers, Z Homepage promo / 24 October 2016 /

In this brochure, discover how dynamic timetabling can help optimize network capacity and allows for better customer service…

Brochure: Public transport planning & optimisation

Whitepapers, Z Homepage promo / 5 October 2016 /

In this brochure, discover the benefits of mobile workforce planning in public transport…

Briefing: Taming passenger rail disruptions

Whitepapers, Z Homepage promo / 26 September 2016 /

In this briefing, discover the four insights to taming passenger rail disruption…

Solution Paper: Winning the rail franchise bid

Whitepapers, Z Homepage promo / 5 September 2016 /

This solution paper shows you how to put your rail franchise bid at the frontline with: a resilient timetable, optimal rolling stock, crew planning and complex unit & crew diagramming that can be created and revised quickly in real time…

An interview with Jiří Kolář

Issue 6 2012 / 27 November 2012 /

Speaking exclusively with European Railway Review, Jiří Kolář, Director General of the Czech Railway Infrastructure Administration (SŽDC) discusses the operational mission of the organisation, the importance of high-speed lines in the Czech Republic, competition with road transport, and what the future holds.

Could you summarise the past and SŽDC’s mission?
The Czech Republic initiated reforms of the railway by adopting the Transformation Act of Czech Railways, state organisation in 2002. On 1 January 2003, two separate companies became operational – the Czech Railways, joint stock company and the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organisation. The objective of this transformation was to separate the infra – structure manager, as it was, and still is, being required by the EU Directives, especially the so-called First Railway Package provisions.

The main mission of SŽDC is to fulfil the function of railway infrastructure owner including all related basic obligations, i.e. operating the railway infrastructure, ensuring its operability, and to carry out modernisation and development so that we are able to offer a reliable, safe and fast railway infrastructure of excellent quality to all transport carriers.

Creating a fair and open rail market to compete with road and aviation is key

Issue 6 2011 / 6 December 2011 /

Over the coming weeks and months, EU policy-makers will lock horns in earnest over new rules to ensure fair and open competition in the European rail market, both freight and passenger. On economic grounds alone it is critical that the right rules are in place but it is equally important from an environmental standpoint.

The EU is pursuing ambitious reductions in CO2 and the right conditions for growth in international rail travel could encourage many more people to choose the train over less carbon efficient options such as the car or plane.

Transport accounts for almost a quarter of total EU greenhouse gas emissions, yet it is the only sector where emissions continue to rise – an increase of 36% since 1990. If Europe is serious about reversing this trend and meeting its global environmental commitments, it needs to get its transport pricing and infrastructure investment policy right.

Enhancing investments for a quality network

Issue 6 2011 / 6 December 2011 /

The Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organisation (SŽDC) is the infrastructure manager in the Czech Republic and, in addition to other duties is responsible for the modernisation and development of the railway network. It launched its operations on 1 January 2003 as one of two successors of the former Czech Railways state organisation (the other successor is the Czech Railways, joint-stock company). The separation of the infrastructure manager from the biggest railway carrier (Czech Railways) launched the transformation of the railway system in the Czech Republic, a process which went on to implement another change on 1 September 2011.
The transformation of the railway system in the Czech Republic continues

SŽDC’s primary task is to carry out the function of the owner and the operator of the national and regional rail. The principal operations include operating the railway infrastructure, en – suring its operability and, last but not least, ensuring the modernisation and development of the railway network in the Czech Republic. SŽDC manages state assets represented by the railway infrastructure in the Czech Republic. The railway network of the Czech Republic is one of the densest in Europe; we have 0.12km of lines per square kilometre.

Improving Melbourne’s metropolitan train system one step at a time

Issue 4 2010 / 3 August 2010 /

Six months in to its contract as operator of Melbourne’s metropolitan train network, Metro’s focus is firmly on improving asset reliability, simplifying the timetable and making every minute count.

In 2009, the Victorian Government selected a new contractor to operate Melbourne’s metropolitan rail services. The network assets, which are Government-owned and funded, have been privately operated and maintained since 1999.

On 30 November 2009, Metro Trains Melbourne (Metro) began operations, taking over from former operator Connex (Connex was involved in the management of Melbourne’s rail network since it was privatised, and assumed full operational control of the network in 2000).

92% of UK trains arrive on time

Rail industry news / 23 March 2010 /

Network Rail say that punctuality improved by almost 6% in February compared to 2009 with 92% of trains arriving on time.

c2c sets new rail industry punctuality record of 96.6%

Rail industry news / 15 March 2010 /

National Express train operator c2c has set a new punctuality record for Britain’s franchised railways of 96.6%.

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